Konst på väg, the 4 day art exhibition during Easter was a great success! After ca. 8 years in the Orangery of Örbyhus Slott it was time to stand on my own feet and organise the yearly exhibition in our own barn on the farm. Together with Kerstin Klockerman we entertained the visitors with our art, while my wife had a successful cafe and the kids a loppis (second hand stuff) and pony riding. The whole family and our home worked together this time and we were overwhelmed by the amount of visitors; ca. 350, which is fantastic! Götby is on the map!!

I was very pleased with the amount of colleagues from the factory who visited me during the 4 days! And seeing the minibus of the art club of Uppsala’s Academic Hospital parking on our field was quite a special moment.

I kind of pushed my neighbour Ann-Charlotte Rauma Ljungberg to hang up her animal drawings and she got a lot of positive reactions and even sold one of her drawings! This made us thing of inviting more beginning artists next year to make the party even bigger. That does mean some building and cleaning but he, we have a  whole year to organise that 🙂

I am very tired but so satisfied , and can’t wait to create more for next years KPV.


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