When the snow flakes

fell down on my welcoming cheeks

and the fire in the stone pit

sissed her joy

the most grateful feeling

welled up in my heart

for the soul of the universe

combining the Nobel prize winner’s prose

With my dreamy imagery

tears joined the flakes

and soaked my beard

loaded drops filled my heart

silence followed


Tonight a series of my photos are projected on the 6x6m stage curtains of Dramaten theater in Stockholm during the Nobel reading by Kazuo Ishiguro. I can’t explain how honored I am as well as pleased that my imagery is finding it’s audience.

Most of the photos are made with my wooden zone plate camera (a bit like a pinhole camera) resulting in the fairytale feeling.

Lacock Abbey (Fox Talbot – pinhole)

town lights

waiting for the bus

the old town

reflection 3

power 3

power 2

climbing the mountain

blue 3

autumn forest

a long walk


Photo’s available in my Web shop in the end of this week!

I would like to thank:

– Richard Hammarskiöld, Art director / Photographer / Set designer at Edison Reklam for selecting my work for this event!

– my nearest and dearest to believe in my art during the years!

– myself for staying true to myself with my art!




– Kazuo Ishiguro for writing the most sublime prose!


Some SVT play links about Kazuo Ishiguro




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