In the days of my youth
I was told what it was to be a man

I got a bunch of singles from my big brother among which this little pearl.

Sitting on the floor at the age of 5 I played them on Sunday afternoon on my little low-fi portable record player! Just loved the sound of these guys!!! 
Today I have the pleasure to finally meet Robert Plant almost 50 years later 🙂.
Let’s Rock and Roll!!!!

Robert Plant delivers!!! Wow what a concert, what a band, what a voice!!! Such a dynamic and joy on stage!!! Fantastic Led Zeppelin songs and own songs! Still Dazed and Confused in the train 🙂. Unfortunately we were not allowed to use our big cameras so I have to do it with iPhone shots…. but good enough for my wall of fame in my studio/Atelje 🙂

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