Vätternrundan 2018, 300km round the beautiful lake Vättern in Sweden.

The training before the race was not optimum (al lot ill in the beginning of the year, snow and no bikes to begin with…). But there we stood at the start in Motala, our start time 23:08. We had to cycle through the cold night the first many hours, and cold it was , too cold…. next time (oh no there won’t be a next time) more clothes for in the cold summer nights in Sweden.

23:08 there we go!!!

Finally the sun woke up but it took me the whole day to get warm again; hence the smile :-).

Here come the sun tralalala here comes the sun and I say it’s alright it’s alright….

Ulrika had a better tactic, she walked more during the bigger hills to save energy and knees :-).

After 130km my knees stopped listening and the rest of the trip I had massage, creams and an hour sleep. Every hill/mountain did me in and slowed me down.

I walked twice up a hill in the end because I just couldn’t make it anymore..

I totally lost motivation but told myself to finish. I started to get very pissed of with the whole thing and even the beautiful landscape. I was seriously planning to get big diggers and make it nice and flat like Holland 🙂 (thoughts one has during a long period of pain 🙂 ). It was very tough to be for so many hours the one who cycles the slowest…

The biggest respect for my wife Ulrika who with the minimum of training 🙂 completed the 300km long race! She even got in half an hour earlier; squeezed past me while I was asleep 🙂 :-). I always knew she was stubborn !

BUT WE MADE IT!!!! and on hybrid bikes !

I have only two regrets : first that we didn’t do the trip together; would have been better for my knees :-), second that I didn’t have music on my bike!! I would have had less trouble in the end with motivation :-).

Thanks to the organisers , the supporters next to the road (specially our kids, friends and family in the end) and all the support from most of the speedy Gonzalezes who kept passing us during our 21/22 hour ride…..

Below the start and finish time of Marcel (left) and Ulrika (right), the total riding times are below that. Ulli came in half an hour earlier but cycled 44 min longer :-).

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