This summer we stumbled upon the studio of Ylva Sager in Vadstena. Having entertained our kids in this old town we passed some beautiful dark paintings in the window of Ylva Sager’s Studio. Drawn by the cheer feeling in the work we stepped inside and enjoyed the other works of art in the studio. Ylva told us she was using Gouache paint on wind paper (the one you use for insolation of a timber house). The results were simply fantastic. I usually work with acrylics and my hands/fingers but Ylva developed a technique with paint rollers on this un-artistic paper.

As you can understand, we HAD TO TRY that too :-)!. Both my nephew and I bought a big roll of wind paper and I just got my small selection of Gouache paint in last week. Friday went, Saturday arrived and when finally all kids slept I started with my experiment. Loving the paint roller I did use my hands again 🙂 and some ‘dripping’ techniques. After playing for some hours to get used to the paint and paper I got pleased with the result so far, but have to discover much more possibilities  in the future. Ylva and I have had contact about a course for me in her studio and as soon as the dates are known for springtime I will book myself in…. Will be continued!


Kind regards,

Marcel van Helvoort


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